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Here at, you will meet different professional groups, such as nurses, radiographs, medical students, doctors and doctors specialized in gynecology and obstetrics.

Some are young and others are older with more experience with ultrasound, within the field of gynecology and obstetrics.

In Denmark, we do not have formal requirements for education in scanning. You can get a diploma on being a trained midwife, nurse or doctor, but there is no official documentation that you are trained sonographer.

Most people who perform obstetrics scans are trained in various departments of the hospital. This is the same at

Many of the professionals who perform scans in private clinics and in the hospital have actually received basic training from us.

Being a midwife, nurse or doctor doesn’t mean that you are trained to perform a scan.

To be able to scan, one must learn the basic techniques, and be able to operate the ultrasound machines correctly. This means making precise cuts and measurements learn how to interpret the images and not least be able to communicate with the patients.

It is always important for us, to have an extra set of eyes, with whom one can confer with, in the event of unexpected findings.

All the images from the ultrasound machines are connected to the main server in our clinic, so that Dr. Tri Nguyen always has access to them, and is able to give advice and comments in emergency situations.

Our clinic meets these requirements:

  • We are the only clinic in Denmark that introduces mandatory monthly diagnostic imaging documentation.
  • This means, that every month, it is a requirement that all sonographers digitally save both gynecological and obstetric images. These images are subsequently evaluated and corrected by Dr. Tri Nguyen, to live up to the professional standards.
  • Ongoing, all sonographers at must also pass various theoretical courses with at least 75 % correct answers. These are the same courses American sonographers must pass in order to have their sonography training approved by the United States.
  • has been around since 2007 and is one of the oldest private clinics in Copenhagen.

Dr. Tri Nguyen has many years of experience in educating sonographers in Denmark, many of whom have been trained at

Without training and education, we will get stuck! and our subject will therefore not evolve.

We, therefore, take pride in training and educating our staff in a professional and sound manner.

No one is flawless. Neither are we. But we hope that with the proper training and education, we will be better at making a difference.

So do feel safe when you get scanned with us.

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