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COVID-19 information
UPDATE 10-06-2021
From 14-06-2021, you will no longer have to wear a mask in the clinics, at the same time the restrictions on the number of relatives will removed. We encourage all visitors over the age of 12 to have valid Coronapassport

Opening hours

Openingshours in Lyngby and København
Weekdays from 9-17 (Lunch between 13-13.30)
Drop-in between 9-16.30 (Lunch between 13-13.30)

Closing days in the summer of 2021:

Lyngby department has closed from 24/7 2021, until 1/8 2021 (week 30 incl weekends)

The Hvidovre department has closed in week 30 + 4-5-6 august

The Copenhagen department has closed on Saturday 31/7 and from 2/8 til 8/8, both days included

The clinics are closed on national holidays. Juledag 25. december 2021
Anden Juledag 26. december 2021


At LilleLiv we perform scans at the best prices on the market throughout the whole pregnancy.

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Help & Advice

Seek and you shall find. Find answers on the most freequent asked questions.

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We offer a blood sample that can with 99 % accuracy determine if the fetus has the following: Trisomy 13, 18, 21

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No one is perfect, but we strive to do our best, first when we know that you have received a good experience with us, are we satisfied with our work. Therefore we let ourselves be evaluated through Trustpilot.

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Safety, certainty and cohesion, with empathy and professionalism

No one is perfect but we strive to do our very best, first when we know that you have had a good experience with us, are we then satisfied with our work.

We cooperate with the review site Trustpilot, where we invite all patients to tell us of their experience with us.

You opinion are important to us, and we learn from the reviews that we receive. At the same time, we give future patients the opportunity to learn more about us before their visit.