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Here is an instruction on how to create an account on www.læ to book an appointment at LilleLiv and if you have a danish CPR-number.
If you do not have a danish CPR-number then you have to contact us by mail to book an appointment, or if you have any questions for us.

By typing in your CPR-number in www.læ it is secured.

  • Open www.læ
  • Click on “Log ind med nem-id”, then you will enter where you have to log in. Afterwards, click on “Åbner løsningen ikke automatisk i et nyt vindue? Så klik her for at komme til løsningen” And you will return back to lægevejen.
  • Type in what you are asked for, for example, mail and phone number.
  • Click “Klinikvalg” on top of the right side of the page and click “vælg klinik”.
  • Choose Speciale: Gynækologi/Obstetrik.
  • Click on Region-Hovedstaden on the map of Denmark.
  • Choose “klinik”: and click “Tri Huu Nguyen”.
  • Click “Tilmeld Klinik” and press “Bekræft” to confirm.
  • Now that you are signed up at our clinic you can book an appointment.
  • Click on “behandler” and then choose “LilleLiv København (1, 2 or 3) or LilleLiv Hvidovre 1 or 2
  • You choose the “behandler” wherever there is an available appointment in the department that suits you the best.
  • Choose “Konsultationstype”
  • Choose “dato”
  • IMPORTANT: The arrow of the mouse will place itself precisely on the date and afterwards double click.
  • Click on one of the available appointments that suit you the best.
  • Click on “Bestil tid”
  • Click on “Bekræft tidsbestilling” and write under “angående”: “f.eks. kønsscanning”
  • Click “Bekræft tiden”

All personal data on the website are encrypted and protected according to the law of Privacy Regulation.

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