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You can read more about the individual scans under this section

Remember, that you always have to book an appointment for the special scans, such as for example NIFTY, and big 3D/4D/HD live scan.


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Base the pregnancy calendar on your date of term

Base the pregnancy calendar on your last menstruations first day

At we perform scans at the best price at the best prices on the market, throughout your pregnancy.
This is something that we offer as a possible supplement to the scans that they are offered by the healthcare, but we also perform nuchal translucency scan and malformation scans, if you want a more personalized service.

We have set the price so low, that most people have the opportunity to buy an extra scan, with a lower price does not necessarily mean a lower quality. We strive to be more efficient, better organized and we work hard to make the price as low as possible.

Our motto is: “Safety, certainty and cohesion”, it has to be fun, cosy and exciting to have a scan at our clinics.

You are welcome to take family and guests with you to the scans at our clinic, our scan rum, has a lot of space and has room for many guests and there is no limitation. Kids no matter age are welcome. For most of our scans, you will get a report with the information about your child, and pictures. You can safely come and visit us several times and follow the development of your child.