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A 2D scan is called an early scan/safety scan/growth scan.

It is done from 5 weeks up until birth.

In our department in Copenhagen, it is possible to just drop in. It is possible to prebook an appointment so that we are aware that you are on your way, and so that your waiting time is shortened. At Hvidovre is optional to prebook an appointment.

The scan is done vaginally or on the surface of the abdomen.

After 7 full weeks, it is possible to have the scan done on the abdomen.

What can I expect to see:

  • From 5-6 weeks: an intrauterine gestation sack, which is a small dark area, a few millimetres, which is the facility for a pregnancy. We also examine the ovaries to exclude cyst formations and possibly pregnancy outside of the womb.
  • From, 6 weeks: the intrauterine gestation sack (the fetus facility) is getting bigger, over 10 mm. It is possible to see a small round structure (yolk) in the gestation sack. We can also start to see a small blinking heart, and from mid 6+ weeks, it is possible to heart the heartbeat.
  • We can also see if there is more than one fetus. From 7 weeks it is possible to measure the length of the fetus (CRL) and give an estimation of the date of term (+/-4-5 days if precision).

What you get home:

  • In most cases, you get certainty, safety and possibly a date of the term after the scan.
  • It might be the first time you hear the heart beating. It is a life-affirming experience that you will never forget.
  • If you have your husband, family with you, then you will experience a feeling of cohesion for the small life that you will get to know in years to come.
  • You will get a few pictures of the early pregnancy, a report of the scan with the length of the pregnancy, a date of the term, the length of the fetus (CRL), by mail you will receive 2D pictures and possibly small video clips of the fetus heartbeat (without sound), a solid folder to store your pregnancy journal and pictures.
  • We do 3D/4D/HD live scan if it possible. The fetus has to lie with amniotic fluid in front of its body, and there has to be no, umbilical cord, placenta or uterine wall in front of the fetus.

You are welcome to record the heartbeat on your cellphones.