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At Lille Liv we offer 3D/4D/HD live scan, it’s only a few clinics that offer and have the HD live technology. This is a new dimension of ultrasound that gives a better depth, sharper images and reveals a more refined detail than ever before. The scan is based on a new technology where it simulates a movable light source, which shines on the child from every angle. The images will seem more natural and realistic than a common 3D/4D scan and give the couple a better understanding of what is seen on the screen. offers 3D/4D/HD live scan to the lowest market price.

A 3D/4D/HD live scan is best between 26-30 weeks of pregnancy-

  • Around 30 minutes of a scan, with the opportunity for a free rescan if it isn’t possible the first time around. (There set approx. 40-45 minutes for it all, including a report, photo printing, completion of the DVD etc.)
  • An examination baby’s position, the location of the placenta and determination of gender after 14 full weeks, if this is something that is wished for.
  • Measurements of the head, stomach and thighbone.
  • A report of the measurements and weight of the fetus (fetus length cannot be measured).
  • An e-mail with all the 2D/3D/Hd live images and small 4D video lips of the baby’s movements (there is no sound on these clips).
  • A DVD with the whole session recorded on DVD, including sound with the sonograph/doctor who is speaking.
  • 4 B/W pictures on regular ultrasound paper (Cannot be laminated).
  • 4 coloured printed pictures.

It is possible to do a 3D/4D scan throughout of the whole pregnancy, but we do recommend it to be done between 24-30 weeks of pregnancy. The best results are done between 26-30 weeks of pregnancy, due to the child’s natural weight gain, more personal features and the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding it. A 3D scan is an image created with an ultrasound done on the surface of the abdomen. With this kind of technology, it is possible to clearly see the child’s facial features and expressions. Sometimes if one is lucky it is possible to get a picture of the child’s hand’s and feet’s. By taking more pictures by the second, it is possible to make small video sequences of the child, which is called 4D.

The purpose is to come home with pictures of the little new one for the whole family and friends to share. We will send pictures and clips by mail, so that you quickly can upload them on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

If the placenta is located on the front wall, then one should have this type of scan done around 28 weeks.

At approx. 5% of cases, it is not possible to get a good picture on the first try, and we provide a photo guarantee. If it is not possible to get a picture of the baby’s face either from the front or the side then we will book you a new appointment free of charge.

We are looking forward to scanning you, do take your family and friends with you!

Safety, certainty and cohesion is our goal.

NB: It is required to book an appointment for the big 3D/4D/HD live scan.