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Dr. Tri Huu Nguyen is educated from Copenhagen University as Cand. med. in 1991 with a PhD in 2000, which concerned the precision of determination of the date of the term on more than 20.000 fetus’s, with a special recognition in 2005.

With his ultrasound education from Herlev University Hospital from 1995-2000, Dr Tri is one of the few gynaecologists who has a solid and international recognition in ultrasound, besides gynaecologist/obstetrics specialist education.

I have always had a great interest in ultrasounds in general. During my education, especially in gynaecology and fetus scans. In my opinion, the ultrasound is cheap and quite efficient technology, when used correctly it can give a quick and safe diagnosis.

I have held ultrasound courses and trained many Danish/Scandinavian sonograph’s in different types of gynaecology/obstetric scans at Holbæk Sygehus, with the responsibility of ultrasounds in general, and especially around ultrasound screenings of fetus’s (nuchal translucency scan and malformation scan).

I started and organized an obstetric screening program in Vestsjællands Amt in 2005, and educated a majority of the sonograph’s in doing scans under a very strict requirement for quality control.

I have established my own clinic since 2007 on Gammel Køge Landevej 272, in Hvidovre, which consists of a gynaecological clinic and a scan clinic. The scan clinic is privately based. The clinic is primarily doing pregnancy scans and other types of scans such as stomach/gut scans, gynaecological scans and breast scans are also offered.

I bought “Lille Københavner” the 1/1-2014, where exclusively offers obstetric scans on a private basis.

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