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I’m a sonograph, trained at Gynækologiske klinik/ in Hvidovre.

I’m originally educated as a pedagogue, and changed directions in 2006, and have since then worked with gynaecology and obstetrics scans.

I was nuchal translucence certified in 2010 and have been ongoing with my national and international courses and Congress in both obstetrics and gynaecology. I daily work with both abdominal and vaginal scans.

I’m very happy when it comes to performing scans, it is always special to be able to show future parents, siblings and grandparents the unborn child. From showing them the small heartbeat to a peacefully sleeping 30-week-old fetus with popping soft cheeks.

To be able to do scans, does not only require a technical knowledge and practical skills but also be able to show empathy and being able to communicate what is shown on the screen. Here my pedagogue education has its major benefit, and I often get a positive feedback for the information from the parents during the scan.

Privately, I’m married to Dr. Tri and we have 5 children.

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