At our Copenhagen department, it is possible to just drop in, on this type of scan. But we recommend you book an appointment for this type of scan, so that we have a better chance of planning and avoid a long waiting line for you.

In our Hvidovre department, there is no drop in, and you must book an appointment prior to arrival.

For a 3D/4D scan, it takes approx. 30 minutes, and is best done between 25-30 weeks (+/-2 weeks) in this package you will get:

  • Around 20-25 minutes of scan (30 minutes are set for the whole scan, including reports, printing pictures etc.).
  • An examination of the baby’s position, the location of the placenta and the determination of gender from 14 full weeks if this is something that is wished for.
  • Measurements of the head, stomach and thighbone.
  • A report with the measurements and weight of the fetus, (fetus length cannot be measured).
  • An e-mail with all the 2D/3D/HD live pictures and small 4D video clips of the baby’s movements (there is no sound in these clips).
  • 4 B/W pictures on regular ultrasound paper (cannot be laminated).
  • 4 coloured printed pictures on ages/wear resistant paper.
  • Thre is not included a free rescan in this package. But if you wish so, then please consider the big 3D/4D/HD live scan for 1100 kr. for 40-45 minutes.
  • A 3D/4D scan can be done during the whole pregnancy, but we do recommend it to be done between 26-30 weeks (+/-2 weeks). The best pictures are when the scan is performed between 26+-30+ weeks. Because the baby at the time has much more character and fat on the body, and there is a lot of amniotic fluid.
  • A 3D scan is an image created with ultrasound, which is done on the surface of the abdomen, with the help of this technology it is possible to get a realistic image of the baby. The image shows clear features of the baby, with facial expressions. If one is lucky it is sometimes possible to get clear images of the hands and feet. If possible, then we can locate the placenta and do a determination of the gender from 14 full weeks. The purpose is to come home with pictures of the little new one for the whole family and friends to share. We will send pictures and clips by mail, so that you can quickly upload them on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.
    To be able to get a good picture of the baby’s face, there need to be certain criteria before it is possible. The baby must turn its head upwards, and there must be a certain amount of amniotic fluid in front of the face. If there is not enough amniotic fluid in front of the face the pictures will become unclear.
    If the placenta is in front of the baby’s face, then the front wall of the uterus can also have an influence on the quality of the pictures. Overweight also has an influence on the results.

We cannot wait to scan you, do take your family and friends with you!

Safety, certainty, cohesion is our goal.