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In our Copenhagen department, it is possible to drop in. But it is also possible to book an appointment so that we know that you are coming and that your waiting time is shortened as much as possible.

The scan is done on the surface of the abdomen.

Gender scan is performed from 14+0 weeks.

What can you expect to see

You will get a sense of safety and certainty, and you will be informed if the baby is a boy or a girl.

If we are unable to see it the first time, then we will book you a new appointment completely free of charge, and will continue to do so, until you are informed of the gender.

We have a rescan frequency of 1-5%, depending on how far ahead you are in the pregnancy (the further you are then 14 weeks, the easier it is to see the gender), the position of the fetus (supine position is the best), your weight (the thinner you are, the easier it is to see the gender, and it gives us a clearer image).

A lot of people asks us if there is a 100% certainty after we have informed the parents of the gender. There is not, but we have statistically accuracy of 99.83%.

In 2014, we performed 3000 gender scans, and only 5 cases were errors, which statistically is 0.17%.

The precision in gender determination is determined according to the following criteria:

The length of the pregnancy, the position of the fetus, the position of the umbilical cord and your weight.

The sonograph’s/nurse’s experience has a big role to play, but the error assessments are typically seen in those who have performed under 500 scans.

We estimate all our mistakes in gender determination and learn from them to avoid making the same mistake again. In three cases we had to accept that we could have done better, and in two cases we had to accept that the criteria are met to determine the gender and that we could not have done it any better.

Nobody is perfect, but if you do not accept the mistakes, then we do not learn anything from them, and we cannot become better.

Are you overweight (BMI above 32) and especially if it has been tricky to scan at the nuchal translucency scan, we recommend you wait with booking an appointment until you are 15 full weeks. Other than that, it is not a problem to book an appointment after 14 full weeks. With experience, better machines and better technology we can do more and can do it with a better precision.

What else do you get, besides knowing if you are having a boy or a girl?

you can see your child moving, with all four extremities, the child is holding its head, moving its arm down to the stomach and kicking with its legs.

The child’s heart is beating and your heart is beating. The sound of life is confirmed by the small heart that beats again and again for the 100 years…

You and those who do it every day, are just fascinated by the little life and energy that is genetically programmed into the little body, through several thousands of years of life’s development.

Now it is your child that you can see! Now you can say my boy, my girl and maybe already have a name for him, or her instead of “it”.

Cohesion is growing, and you have your husband and family with you, and you will now feel that you have many things in common for the years to come.

After the scan, you will be given a folder, for your 2D B/W pictures, and a mail with all the 2D images, and maybe a clip of the heartbeat, without sound.

You will also be given a report, that who you the measurements of the boy’s/girl’s heaad, stomach, thighbone and an estimation of the child’s weight.

We perform 3D/4D/HD live scan, if it possible and the fetus lies so that the body is covered with amniotic fluid in front of it, and that there not an arm, leg or umbilical cord in front of the body, and the head is not to deep down the pelvis.

It is possible to buy pictures in black/white or in colours for 20 kr. per piece.